Video spotlight: Paul

My little brother came to Idaho for the first time ever this past weekend. It was an important visit—not only did it mark my 50th birthday, but it was also the first he and I had been together since we lost our middle brother last fall to ALS. 

We had a great visit, even if the weekend is a bit blury thanks to its celebratory nature. But through the entire visit, we both knew someone was missing. 

ORVIS Presents: Paul

The short film above by Orvis shows how important brothers are, both when they're healthy and when maladies strike that threaten life itself. And, for guys like me and my brother, it shows how important special places are as we work to achieve recovery. For my little brother, his happy place is high on the Divide, making turns in the fresh powder of Arapahoe Basin. For me, it's a sweet little native trout stream deep in the Caribou Range. 

For Paul, the subject of the short film, it's the McCloud River in California. 

Here's to brothers. And here's to wild places.

— Chris Hunt


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