Fly tying: Tungsten Rainbow Dart

Who says fly tiers can't just throw something together at the vise and come away with a winning pattern whenever they feel like it. 

Not me. And not Tim Flagler, who clearly had some time on his hands and a boxful of Tim Egan nymphs nearby for inspiration. 

Tungsten Rainbow Dart

Taking three Egan nymph patterns -- the Tungsten Surveyor, the Rainbow Warrior and the Red Dart -- Flagler has crafted the Tungsten Rainbow Dart, a deep-water searching pattern he hopes will grab the attention of local trout. 

It's a funky fly, with ingredients ranging from multi-colored dubbing to flashy tinsel, but, like Flagler, I'm betting it works. First, it's heavy, so it's a good fly to use in fast and high water. It's flashy, so trout might see it before they other food options. And it's foundation is from the mind of Tim Egan, one of the most accomplished nymph anglers of his generation. 

See what you think. I might tie up a bunch just for grins. 

--Chris Hunt


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