A Voice for Little Mountain

The excitement on her face when she brings her first native Colorado River cutthroat trout to her hands is infectious. Although she has only been fly fishing for a year seventeen year-old Haley Powell has spent the greater part of her life with her family and friends in places like Little Mountain.

Now it’s her turn to speak up for the place she’s grown to love.

Located in southwestern Wyoming the Little Mountain area plays host to healthy populations of elk, mule deer and native Colorado River cutthroat trout.

This thriving backcountry paradise covers an expanse of over 500,000 acres, nearly half of which have been leased by the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) program for oil and gas development.

Spend a few days on Trout or Red Creek with Haley and you will see why she holds a passion for the public lands so close to her home and why she, with many other sportsmen and women, want to see that development on this pristine land happens responsibly for the benefit of future generations.


“I connect with the area so much that I don't want to see it go. I want to see it here and I want to know that I can always come out to Little Mountain and have this opportunity to go fish, hike or to take pictures. I want to know that I still have that and that's why I'm so passionate about this area.”

For more information go to http://greaterlittlemountain.com and visit the project page on the Trout Unlimited site.

Voice your thoughts and get updates on what’s going on over on the Facebook page and the Little Mountain group page as well.


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