Activism and letters/emails to Congress


The gold standard for messages to Congress is an individual's thoughtful, mailed (or almost as good, faxed) letter to his or her own Representative or Senators with a message that clearly relates to that person's district and issues. A phone call is also good, but the content is simply recorded on a tally sheet (Issue: for or against). Preprinted/ preformatted letters and faxes are given much more weight if they contain the senders snail mail address, so the office can see that they are from a constituent. An individually written email, from a constituent is afforded almost the weight of a letter. A spam email from a non-constituent is disregarded.

Prewritten emails, TU provides on do get attention in terms of the number received and the message. We encourage activists to personalize the email to reflect your concerns and your state or Congressional district. We also encourage activists to print the letter and mail it (or fax it on fast-breaking issues). We appreciate every member who takes the time to communicate concerns to their representatives. There truly is strength in numbers.


Is my letter to my representative or senator effective? How do officials react to the preformatted letters that TU provides for response to specific issues?


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