Volunteer or get involved locally

Opportunities to get involved vary throughout the year and depending on your location. If you are a current member of TU and have never attended a local chapter meeting, you are encouraged to do so. Each local chapter differs with what they have going on, projects they are involved with, and how often they meet. Please contact your local chapter president to find out more about your chapter. Your chapter president can be found online by searching for your local chapter at tu.org/connect/chapter-search. Membership in your local chapter is one of the benefits of your TU membership. Local TU members are essential to carrying out TU's conservation mission --they serve as "on-the-ground" citizen scientists, restore and protect their streams, teach aquatic education, collaborate with landowners and agencies, and more. Through conservation, education and advocacy, chapters enhance TU's work in local communities, giving every member the opportunity to make a difference for trout and salmon.

How can I get more involved with TU? How can I contact my local chapter?


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